How Google’s Self-Driving Car WAYMO Will Change Everything in 2020



The wildest imagination has become a reality today. Google has created the hassle free, driverless car for the public use in subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. Originally, the purpose behind the invention of the car was for creation of a platform for experimentation and learning and not mass production which was called the Firefly. The Firefly was a Google self driving car WAYMO project which was created 10 years ago. However, its purpose changed over time.

In the late May 2014, the car was driven on the road successfully and from thereon, it was realized that the driverless car could gain other motives that would benefit a huge number of people. Waymo, the driverless car was introduced to the public. Waymo is the first driverless ride which has no steering wheel, gas pedal or brake pedal making it 100% autonomous. The name of the car was derived from its mission, “A new way forward in mobility”.  



The robot operating mechanisms present in the Waymo are the following:


  • Camera is a necessary tool needed to be able to spot important highways, lines, traffic lights etc. By easy identification through the lens, the correct action can be taken on by the car. The proper navigation will also be followed.


  • Lidars are the spinning objects that are present on top of the driverless cars. Its function is light detection and ranging. With its million laser beams, it measures how long the laser takes to bounce back and accordingly, provides a data for formation of a 3D map which is precise. 

3. Machine Learning

  • This artificial intelligence tool has been trained to be able to perform the required activities. The training of the machine means the million of examples of the subject at hand. The subject (the car) is shown various kinds of circumstances and from thereon, they learn from experience while dealing with the situations. If rigid rules were taught, they would have been ineffective as the world and its scenarios are dynamic. Anything unpredictable can happen any moment that the mechanism should be ready to face.

4. Maps

  • The location book, the maps are one of the key features through which the car can reach the required destination. The driverless car marks its location and follows the route and roads heading towards the place.


  • Radar is an essential tool that bounces radio waves around to figure out the big metallic objects surrounding the self driving car. The metallic objects are the big vehicles. Through the recognition, the self driving car can do its job carefully preventing any chance of accident.


  • The inner space of the car is for riding and there is no mechanism build for taking up driving.

7. Control System

  • The onboard is computer designed and is specifically build for self driving


A self driven technology had a clear mission which was the focus on safety and pleasure of travelling. The car had practiced on mastering the maintenance of speed, staying in lane, avoiding accident and creating any traffic. The response of this invention was overwhelmingly positive as users stated that the car made their commuting less stressful and tiring. Driving today is not considered to be safe and enjoyable than before. The injuries, death and drunk driving have increased leading to more and more vehicle crashes. The human inattention and error have been the causes of such troubles.

Other than the safety issue, there is some population that has problems discouraging them to travel independently such as old age, blindness, low vision and many other health related issues. To eliminate these problems, Waymo was introduced.


The growing driverless car production industry has lead to various positive impacts but also, many negative consequences have also shown up which are as follows:-

  • Waymo has been a successfully invention which has been noticed by many competitors. In response to the growing demand for such advanced technology, many companies have now primarily started focusing on building self driving cars to keep up with their competitors. When everybody seems to be focusing on one aspect, they forget to notice the other factor which is the buying capacity of individuals. The new technology coming up definitely is not cheap and would cost a bomb easily. This cost cannot be handled by every person due to their limited capacity or their disinterest in investment. 
  • There are 1000s of situations that can occur while driving even though, the technology has been given enough experience, it still requires the mental capacity to figure out the right decision to take in an unfamiliar circumstance. This decision making process could be hard for technology to independently perform.
  • If any issue arises in the car while travelling, a mechanic would not be able to understand what needs to be done at the moment due to their limited knowledge of these upcoming programs and the center from where help can be seeked are minimal for now.
  • If any damage happens to any component of the car, the repairing or the replacement of the component will take time and would be again, costly.
  • The most important factor is the decline of employment that would be caused. Companies such as Uber and Ola would no longer be required for their services leading to creation of high unemployment in the country. The unemployment would lead to more liability than a country functioning with many assets. 


Everything has its positives and negatives. It is for the person to decide which side he wants to see and choose.

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