Everything about Paytm for Business

Paytm for Business

Paytm has launched its Paytm for Business App so as to facilitate the business owners or merchants. It adds an advantage to the business owners and gives them facility to register themselves on the platform which allows them to track the payments. It also maintains the ledger of the payment by generating a unique QR code for the business. It keeps the track of prior payments and the user can check it at any time. 

Paytm for bussiness
Paytm for business

Paytm for Business app is available in Google Play Store. Users can download it from there and can take the advantage of this app. For the convenience of users this app is available in 10 regional languages which include English and Hindi. Now this app will serve more humans and they can trade smoothly with the invention of this app.

It is a powerful and secured way to transfer cash and it this procedure takes seconds. It accepts the payments via UPI Card and Wallet from customers. 

Paytm and other money wallets came into existence and have earned its reputation soon after the announcement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes. It provides a perfect platform to the cashless people as at that time the people are without cash in hand and this lack of cash in hand gave the priority to Paytm. It empowers business owners to do a paperless transactions and it allows the cash transactions instantly with 0% commission. 

A digital way to transfer payment and to handle the smooth flow of cash transactions is known as Paytm. It is also known as Paytm Wallet.

Paytm for Business has created its popularity among the citizens as India is moving towards the cashless so as to increase the economy of the place. It is the most convenient and stress-free way to make payments and it also empowers the business status of the merchants and it increases the reliability of payments among the customers. 

No SMS confirmation or Email is required with Paytm

Business owners can view the cash transactions instantly and they don’t have to wait for SMS confirmation or Email. They don’t need any other software or any other details to update the Paytm. It facilitates users by providing them the daily updates and here they can not only check the daily transactions but can also keep an eye on its cash transactions. 

Paytm builds a trusted relationship between the consumer and a trader

It is a perfect destination for cash transactions. The Paytm for Business establishes a trusted relationship between the consumer and a trader. It gives the facility to the consumer to purchase products of its own choice, even from any corner of the country. If you own a small business, a shop owner or dealing in any delivery service, if you are a freelancer or planning for a new startup, then you can use The Paytm for your business and can deal in monetary form with the other person. It is the simplest, easiest and the quickest way to send money and it can be used to collect money from millions of users. 

Paytm Business Customer Care

If you are facing any problem while installing Paytm app or having any issues, then don’t take stress and there is no need to give way to a panic situation. Just stay relaxed and give a call to us. We are only one call away from you. Our experts are there to help you out at any point of time. As, we are there to serve you for 24*7 hours. 

Here is our Paytm Business Customer Care Number-

  • Bank, Wallet and Payments     0120-4456-456
  • Movies and Event Tickets    01204728-728
  • Paytm Mall Shopping Orders    01204606060
  • Paytm Travel Tickets and Forex  0120-4880-880

The Customer Care service is available throughout the day and night so you can give us a call at any time and can take our expertise assistance. For the customer’s suitability, this Paytm Business Customer Care is available in English and Hindi language. If you want any advice then you can talk to our professional team on the given numbers and can enjoy its outstanding services. The expert team will solve your problems as soon as possible and give you with the best solution. Your satisfaction is the main goal and our customers are our first priority. So, don’t worry and keep a trust on our services. 

Where you can use Paytm?

It is specially designed for traders who own a business and they want to expand it in different corners of the world. It is the great step towards the economy and yes, it provides a reliable backbone to an individual so that they can sell their products through online process. Paytm has increased its circle and many new individuals are joining this app as they also want to experience the digital transaction of payments. All business owners no matter small or big are dragging the maximum benefits from this Paytm Business App and they are enjoying digital transactions.  

Paytm is widely accepted and it makes your work easy. These are some places where you can use the services of Paytm-

  • Mobile Recharge
  • Dth Recharge
  • Landline Bill Payment
  • Datacard Recharge
  • Broadband Bill Payment
  • Electricity Bill Payment
  • Mobile Bill Payment
  • Gas Bill Payment
  • Metro Card Recharge
  • Water and Bill Payment

Not only this you can also book your movie tickets, bus tickets,Flight tickets,train tickets and can also book the Hotels from sitting at your own comfort level. This is not a magic. It is a service. So, for what you are waiting for. Just download Paytm app and enjoy our outstanding services. 

Paytm Business account

Paytm is one of the India’s largest payment gateway  which offers comprehensive payment services to its customers and it provides an effective  payment solution to over millions of merchants. It gives a complete support to a businessman as if he wants to sell his products and want to expand his business in other parts of the country. The Paytm offers a trusted financial support to both the parties as they can exchange their money and can deal in any selling process. We can say that money can be collected easily with the help of Paytm. 

Paytm Business Login

The presence of Paytm made the work easy as the traders find the stress-free way to trade and with this they are able to create the business relations with them. It provides the solution of money collection and we know that money collection was not an easy before the invention of this Paytm Business App. 

It provides a platform to the users and it also creates a trusted relation among them. Here we can say that online transactions have really made the work easy for both the parties. Here the customers can make payments by using any UPI app, Debit or Credit Card, Net banking and Paytm Wallet. Paytm App will take care of your payments so that you can focus on other details of your business and can concentrate on its expansion. 

Paytm Business Application

Paytm for Business App gives the facility to its customers and can accept digital payments from wallets or offline on the retail store using QR code using Business with Paytm for Business App. There is no monthly limit for commercial registering with Paytm for receiving money through QR code. 

The Payment features using Paytm QR code-

  • There is no any monthly limit on receiving payments through the Paytm.
  • Zero charges for receiving payments from the bank account
  • Free Paytm QR code is issued for the business
  • 24*7 dedicated merchants are available there in Helpdesk or Mobile App so as to easily track the payments as and where it reached. 

Paytm Business Account Login

If you want to experience the services of the Paytm then here are the simplest ways which will make your work easy and with this you will be able to enjoy the monetary services without any risk.

To enjoy the Paytm services and if you want to accept payments via credit card, Debit card or Paytm Wallet then, read the below points and get ready to use the services of the Paytm.

  • Visit the official site of Paytm http://business.paytm.com/retail and here you can sign up for free.
  • Enter your personal details such as Name, PAN number or Aadhar Number.
  • Fill your business and bank details carefully.
  • The Paytm merchants can select the Paytm Payment Bank for accepting payments into their account. This service is also available on their smartphones so that they can track received payments on a daily basis. 

What you can do with the Paytm Business Account?

Here are 5 things which you can do with Paytm app-

  1. You can experience payment received real time by using Real time payment tracking method and it will help you to keep the track of 3 current payments received by tapping on the show more option. 
  2. It keeps the record of settlement account also. With this you can check the amount credited to your account or if it is already credited then you can see the UTR number of the transactions. It brings together all the details of your bank statement. 
  3. User can update the business details by logging into Paytm for Business App and with this the user can always update/add/or can make any type of changes in his Paytm account. 
  4. Payment can be refunded or can be initiated by tapping on the particular transactions.
  5. Users can take the help of experts by clicking on Get help on the go option and it will soon establish the connection between the user and the expert.

Is Paytm is Safe?

If cash transactions can be done with security than it is the safest way to do transactions and it will also allow millions of users to use its effective and actual services as they drag the profits from this app. 

The Paytm is safe and to maintain its security is the top priority of this app. The Paytm uses VeriSign certified 128-bit encryption technology which means that the secret key used in transactions is a sequence of 128 bits and it does not reveal anything about the password length or content. 

Paytm Business does not charge anything from the business owners or merchants for the transfer of cash money into their bank accounts. Yes, it is free and reliable too. Till 20,000 amounts you can receive or send without any documents or any paper work. 

Money can be transferred to your bank account instantly or the next working day. This means the money gets transferred to your account as per your desire. So, it is a great way for reliable money transactions and this also opens the ways of employment opportunities. 

Now in this digital world a person can work from any corner of the world as everyone holds a smart phone in their hands. This smart phone has really made the work easy for today’s busy generation. As, they can work and can get the payment instantly through Paytm. This made the task easy for both employer and employee. 

Final Words 

Both parties are satisfied with the invention of the Paytm app as this has created a reliable business connection between them and with this they can trade for the long term. Paytm for Business App is the wonderful creation and many users are getting the advantages from it. With its complete assistance the merchants are able to expand their business and at the same time it offers the peace of mind which is very much in demand these days. 

A person can start a venture or a partnership business as this Paytm for Business App has collaborated them by providing a secured way of cash transactions. The launch of this app has made the work easy and appropriate too. The users can operate this app from their smart phones and can trade with other parties. It is available for Android and iOS users. 

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