To avoid further hassles of adjustment of wire of the earphones, Xiaomi brings their Xiaomi Air 2 for grabs. Through gaining insight into its features and comparison with other brand products, you would realize that the purchase is totally worth it.

Xiaomi Air 2
Miairdots Pro TWS Wireless


The Xiaomi air 2 has the following characteristic features:-

  • A LHDC Bluetooth decoding technology, the air buds provides clear vocals and instruments which makes the music more enjoyable.
  • Xiaomi Air 2 adapts semi ear design which is built in with a measurement of 14.2mm composite diaphragm moving ring.
  • Just as wired earphones, the Xiaomi Air 2 has the ability to do voice calls, which is possible by the microphone present on the top of the air pods. To reduce the unpleasant voice of the surroundings, the bottom of the headset can be clicked.
  • The air dots come with 7mm neodymium iron boron magnetic and titanium plated ring speaker unit which are strong metallic substances.
  • The air dots are light weight which can be carried anywhere at any point of time. The precise weight is of the Xiaomi Air 2 is 5.8 grams.
  • There is water resistant support ability along with packed USB type C charger.
  • The touch control allows the user to change the song, take voice calls as he wants and invoke voice assistant. 
  • The wireless earphones come with Bluetooth v4.2 support.
  • The Xiaomi Air 2 turns off when they are off the ear and are on standby for approximately half an hour.
  • Easy portability of the charger is permitted with Xiaomi Air 2 as it has a small box sized charger which can be easily fitted in the corner of one’s bag.
  • The automatic connection to the mobile phones and the connection pairing interval will be short and mobile phones will automatically pop up and automatic connection status will be displayed.


The price of the Xiaomi Air 2 in India is around Rs. 5000. Of course, these travelling gadgets are costlier than the wired earphones. However, in comparing the pricing of Xiaomi in comparison to brands such as Apple, it is much more reasonable.  A price of around Rs. 5000 is not expensive considering the additional features it provides. If one is doing comparisons of two brands then, I personally believe that the prime focus should be on understanding how they perform their main function which is in this case, the clarity, loudness and adjustment of the gadget on the ear.

There would be no point of getting a bag, a battery charger, screen cleaner (additional features) when you find out that the main device, laptop is ineffective. Similarly, the air dots should excel in the criterias that the consumer has set for deciding his purchase.

Moreover, a product must not be purchased just by comparison of prices, the testing should be the criteria of purchasing and not just a low cost. In the long run, the low cost may pinch you more as it may not work for long. 


For bringing home the Xiaomi Air 2, one can make a visit a Xiaomi retail store outlet and make their request for the Xiaomi Air 2. The outlet thereafter, takes responsibility to make the Xiaomi Air 2 available in their store from where the customer can do the purchase. 

If one is lazy to step outside home and has complete guarantee in the functioning of the product, they can order online the Xiaomi Air 2 and have it delivered to their home. There would be additional cost of shipping that would be charged to the individual. The individual must purchase the product from an authorized website such as the company website to get assurity on the quality of the delivery. In the delivery, the customer must obtain an instruction manual, a charger, USB Cable, case for the air pods, air pods in a box. 

In both the cases, the individual must not forget to collect the bill stating the warranty of the Xiaomi Air 2. If any problem arises, it would be free of charge and would become company’s responsibility (in the given time period).


In terms of promotional tools, the company could have done a better job. The only way of getting to know more information about Xiaomi Air 2 is by its description on the websites which are glorified with pictorial representations. There are customer reviews that are shared on various shipping websites wherein they talk about their experience in detail.  Some dose of publicity has also happened as few news channels have covered the launch of Xiaomi Air 2.

Despite all these means, it lacks visibility in the market due to its inability to make videos and advertisement which stay in customer’s mind for a long time.


To begin with, the design of the Xiaomi Air 2 is similar to the apple air buds as they are both white in color and come in a case. The Xiaomi Air 2 is compatible with both, Android and IOS devices. The devices referred as both, smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, Apple bud Air connects to only Apple smartphones. 

Coming to pricing, the Xiaomi stands out to be more affordable. On one side, Apple air pods cost around Rs. 14,000 and Xiaomi becomes much lesser which is around Rs.5000. 

In terms of charging the Xiaomi Air 2 device, the air buds need to be placed into the charging box and may take 4 – 5 hours for full charge. On the other hand, the Apple airpods take 3 – 4 hours and can go upto more than 24 hours. 


After considering all the factors, the major distinction that seems to carry the maximum weight during decision making is the pricing of the product. If an individual has promised to use the Apple products for its assurity he has experienced in past, he may be ready to pay the lump sum rupees. If an individual has low budget and is satisfied with the features that Xiaomi Air 2 offers, they will go for Xiaomi Air Bud 2.


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